Is Crossroads part of a larger organization?

Yes. We're part of the Reformed Church in America (RCA), the nation's oldest Protestant denomination with a continuous history. That means you'll find solid Biblical teaching, great stability, and a strong desire to share the Gospel in practical ways at Crossroads Church.

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Can I just visit without becoming a member?

Absolutely! While we certainly encourage you to join us as a Partner (our name for members) it's not necessary. In fact, many of our regular attending friends aren't Partners. We're just overjoyed you have chosen to worship with us, and we'll do everything we can to help you grow in your relationship with Christ.

How do I become a Partner?

It's easy! First, let us know you'd like to become a Partner by clicking the "Partner" button below. After that, you'll be invited to our next New Beginnings class, where you'll discover the basics of Crossroads Church, our beliefs, and the way we do things. We typically offer New Beginnings once a quarter, and it only takes a morning so you'll be done in a jiffy. Once you've completed New Beginnings, we'll accept you publicly as a Partner during one of our worship services.


The music at Crossroads is awesome!
Can I be part of the Worship Team?

Bob, our Worship Leader, is always looking for talented volunteers to participate in worship and music. Experience is helpful but not necessary. However, we do require an audition in order to make sure you're ready, and to ensure our musical offerings to God are of the highest quality possible. Auditions are held in one of two ways. You can audition privately with Bob. Or you can join us for a rehearsal, where we can assess your skill level. The choice is yours! If your skill is sufficient, you'll be scheduled in. If you're close but not quite ready, we can accept you on an internship basis, which allows you to come to rehearsals until you're ready for Sunday worship.

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Some church people can be so hypocritical.
Are Crossroads people hypocrites?

We sure try not to be. But understand, because of sin, none of us can live exactly as God would want us to live. To pretend otherwise or act like we're better than others because we go to church – well that definitely would be hypocritical. Still, we slip up sometimes, even though we try our best. 

That's why we need grace, which is eternal life offered to us, through no action of our own, even though we sin. All you need to receive this incredible gift is to come before the Lord with a contrite heart, which is a fancy way to say you're sorry. Then profess your belief in Jesus and give your life to Him.

If you're ready to receive this grace, click the button below and shoot Pastor Glen an email. He'd love to talk with you about it!

I'd like to be baptized. What should I do?

This is exciting news! The bible says, "Believe and be baptized," and we want to help you make this public profession of your faith. All you need to do is express your desire to Pastor Glen. He'll talk with you about it, and then he'll have you sit down with our Elders. They'll just want to hear your story, how it is you came to know Christ, and why you want to be baptized. After that, we'll schedule your special day!

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