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an exciting new twist on bible school!

With snacks, games, and crafts, Vacation Bible School has always been fun for kids. But this year, we’re ramping up the good times with Backstage with the Bible, by Go Fish.

What’s Backstage with the Bible? It’s like having insider access to a hot concert … only this concert is for KIDS! We’ll open each evening with a video concert by Go Fish, the Christian pop group dedicated to bringing the Good News of the Gospel to children. We’ll have “bouncers” (dads), dancing, singing and tons of fun during the show. Then your children will use their VIP passes to gain access to the various backstage areas of our church, where they’ll have even more fun discovering the endless love God has for them. And at the end of each evening, Go Fish will give a special encore performance.

Not only that, your kids will thrill to the incredible circus acrobatics of Laura Ernst, the award-winning juggler, aerialist, cyr wheel artist and entertainer. A contestant on America’s Got Talent, Laura has been defying gravity in front of audiences all over the world — and she’s going to be here LIVE at Crossroads for a special performance on the last night of Backstage with the Bible. Most people have to pay to witness a world-class performer like Laura — at Backstage you get to see and meet her for FREE!

Lots of people juggle. But only one person in the world juggles Flaming Chainsaws, and that’s Laura Ernst! She’ll be at Backstage with the Bible on June 27 for a special performance. Be sure to sign up! (Our insurance company won’t let Laura juggle fire in our building, but rest assured … she’ll have other amazing tricks up her sleeve!).

Backstage with the Bible runs from June 23-June 27, from 6 pm to 8 pm each evening. It’s also FREE! This exhilarating time of joy in the Lord is simply not to be missed, so parents, please take a minute to sign up your kids by filling out the quick form below. We'll be in touch soon!


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Each evening, we require a parent or guardian to enter the building to check in the child. At that time, the parent or guardian will receive a security tag, and the child will receive a name tag. At the end of the evening, the person picking up the child must present the security tag, or a photo of the security tag. Do you understand and agree to these important child-safety conditions? *