Part 8: Purpose

What’s my purpose? Why am I here?

These questions consume my thoughts. God has blessed me, a sinner, with so much more than I deserve, and I want to do more with this life. I want to give back, but I don’t know what I can share.

Meanwhile, a voice echoes in my mind. It’s God, and He’s calling me to church. But I’m so afraid to open those doors. How could I ever be good enough to set foot in a place of worship? Won’t other people see my scars and reject me? Still, in my loneliness I can’t escape the thought of surrounding myself with believers.

Every day I wake up wondering, “What now?” I know that God rescued me by putting special people in my path, and now I desperately want to help others in that same way. Every time I open my bible, I seem to find my way to Romans 12:6, where I read,

“We have different gifts according to the grace given us.”

What are my gifts? What do I have to give? How can I serve Him? How can I help another lost and lonely sinner see His grace and feel His love?

"Here I am, God," I cry. "Take me."