PART 2 – A beautiful delivery

Yesterday we talked about the word Christ being a title. In Hebrew, it means “deliverer,” while in Greek, it means “anointed one.” In other words, it’s a title given to someone very important.

When someone asks if you’ve “accepted Jesus Christ as Lord?” they’re really asking if you’ve been delivered. They’re saying, “Do you trust Jesus as the chosen one who delivered you from your sins?”

That’s what Gene meant when he came to me.

But why? That’s what has puzzled me for many years. Why would my brother even ask? He’s not an evangelist. He’s not a Bible thumper. And he’s certainly not touchy feely.

Matter of fact, here’s a Facebook meme Gene sent to me this week.

So … why?

It has to deal with the title of Christ, meaning “deliverer.” Gene needed delivering. See, he wasn’t going in a very positive direction, and Jesus showed him a way of deliverance from the direction he was heading.   

What do I mean by deliverer?

This week, a Ted Lare van came. The driver came into my office, and I said what I usually say: “How can I help you or how can you help me?” He said, “It’s how can I help you. I have a delivery for Liz. I have a bunch of flowers and potting soil.”

Wow!  What a beautiful delivery.

That’s what Jesus does. He’s like, “How can I help you? I can deliver what nobody else can. I can deliver the gift of forgiveness.  And I can also take you out of your life of sin and pain.”

Tomorrow, we’ll look at a disciple of Jesus who desperately needed deliverance.