This Easter, celebrate the Truth

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He wants you to believe you’re not good enough for God. When we fall short of perfection – and we always do – it’s easy to get discouraged. If Satan can convince you of the not-good-enough lie, he scores a major victory.

It truly is the hum-dinger of all lies. But God has an answer – YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Not by your good works. Not by your good looks. Not by how much money you give the church or how much time you spend volunteering. No, you are good enough because of the blood of Jesus.

Look, we all sin. We all fall short of God’s mark. And we deserve to be punished severely. But instead of punishing us, God did an amazing thing.

He punished His own Son instead.

Let’s be clear … we’re not talking about being sent to bed without supper. The punishment for sin is death, which means God sent Jesus to DIE in our place. 

Think about that for a moment. Would you allow your child to die in someone else’s place? Of course not! But that’s exactly what God did. He sent His own Son to suffer the most gruesome of deaths – all because he LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

Three days later, Jesus rose from the grave and overcame death. By this miracle, you never have to worry about your eternity. Nothing you’ve done in the past and nothing you’ll ever do can make God stop loving you. All you have to do is believe in Him. The blood of Christ makes you good enough! 

Join us this Easter to celebrate your GoodEnoughness!