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Ladies, join us for a day to celebrate YOU!

Saturday, February 16 at Crossroads Church


The world certainly has changed for women. It wasn’t that long ago that a woman could be fired if she became pregnant. Women also couldn’t serve on a jury, get their own credit card, or even open a bank account unless their husbands cosigned.

My, how times have changed. Nowadays, women hold positions of great responsibility in the workplace, yet they’re still wives, moms and housekeepers. In other words, it’s a constant state of go-go-go.

Gals, it’s time to set aside a day where you can relax, gain some Christian clarity about your many roles in life, and hang out with other women who GET IT. We’re calling it The Real Women Conference, and it’s going to be Saturday, February 16th right here at Crossroads.

We’ll meet at 12:30 pm right here at Crossroads and spend some time celebrating YOU and your gifts. We’ll discover how to omit the labels often put on us, and we’ll embrace the freedom and words of encouragement God has just for you.

Then comes the bonus. At 5:30, we’ll head to town for a special Girls’ Night Out, where we’ll leave the guys at home and have some fun – just us girls!

And here’s the best part. The Real Women Conference is FREE!

Join us for the fun on February 16. Fill out the quick form below to let us know you’re coming. We’ll see you then!


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