Sunday worship is awesome, but it's just not enough


We need more. We need friends. We need each other.

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That's what LifeGroups are all about. These groups of approximately 6-12 people gather regularly to experience Jesus by sharing testimonies, caring and praying for each other, and loving one another. 

In other words, it's how we do life together!  

This is where you connect with people at Crossroads. Where you make your closest friends. These are the people who will be there for you during tough times. The ones who'll celebrate with you in times of joy. 

LifeGroups at Crossroads are based on common interests. So if you're a young couple, we've got groups for you. If you enjoy cooking, we can hook you up. Want to go deep into God's word? Manage your finances in a biblical, life-enriching way? Meet other seniors? Become a better man of God? LifeGroups are your key!

And if you don't find something that suits your interests, let us know. We love launching new LifeGroups, and we'd be happy to help you get one started!


Current LifeGroups at Crossroads


Take a look at this list to find a group that interests you. If you would like to join a group, or if you have an idea for a new group, please complete the quick form below the list. We'll put you in touch with a LifeGroup leader!


The Message

We gather to talk about the message we just heard – and how we can apply it to our lives.

Primary topic: The week's sermon
Meets: Sunday mornings 11 am to noon
Place: Crossroads
Leader: Bob Castelline
(515) 360-8769

Active Crossroads Women

Women who gather to walk or ride bikes.

Primary topic: Health & fitness
Meets: TBD
Place: TBD
Leader: Polly Samuelson
Contact:; (515) 306-6463

Promise Keepers

Men who get up early to grow in their spiritual maturity.

Primary topic: Bible study
Meets: Every other Wednesday at 6:15 a.m.
Place: Perkins on McKinley Ave.
Leader: Glen Blumer
Contact:; (515) 287-8580

God Chasers

Seniors who gather to pray and enjoy each other’s fellowship.

Primary topic: Prayer/Social
Meets: Every other Monday afternoon
Place: Crossroads
Leader: Barb Crowder
Contact:; (515) 240-5529

The Daniel Plan

God’s prescription for your health, which includes faith, food, fitness, focus and friends.

Primary topic: Physical and spiritual health
Meets: Every Monday, Oct. 1 to Nov. 5
Place: Crossroads
Leader: Julie Burgett
Contact:; (515) 422-6408

Women in the Word (wow)

Women gathering to support each other and go deeper into God’s word.

Primary topic: Bible study
Meets: 1st Saturday morning of each month
Place: Crossroads
Leader: Carrie Schouten
(515) 681-5128


We center on God’s love creating joy ... because happiness isn’t enough.

Primary topic: Dealing with depression
Meets: Every other Saturday evening
Place: Crossroads
Leader: Arnie DeWaard
(515) 321-7396

Young Couples 2

Young couples growing in their faith while they love and care for one another.

Primary topic: Couples interest
Meets: TBD
Place: TBD
Leaders: John Halma
Contact:; (515) 491-8507

NYPD Parents

A LifeGroup for parents of children in middle school and high school.

Primary topic: Parenting
Meets: Wednesday evenings
Place: Crossroads
Leader: Stephanie Gulbronson
(515) 981-3026

God’s Warriors

Men who gather to share testimonies, grow in faithfulness, and have fun doing guy things.

Primary topic: Godly manhood
Meets: 2nd Saturday morning of each month
Place: Location varies
Leader: Aaron DeKock
(515) 897-9775

Elevate (Young Couples 1)

Young couples who desire for their relationships to be blessed by God’s promises.

Primary topic: Marriage
Meets: Monthly on Sunday evenings
Place: Blumer residence
Leaders: Glen & Sally Blumer
Contact:; (515) 287-8580

Coffee Break

Women of Crossroads who gather to share in faith, fun, and fellowship. 

Primary topic: Bible study
Meets: Each Monday morning
Place: Crossroads
Leader: Abby Laman
(515) 981-4525

Young Couples 3

Young couples growing in their faith while they love and care for one another.

Primary topic: Marriage
Meets: Monthly on Sunday evenings
Place: Gardner residence
Leader: Allie Gardner
(641) 455-4798

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