Process for nominating & electing deacons and elders

Nominating Procedure

The nominating team will:

  • Distribute a list of active partners to the congregation asking the congregation to volunteer or nominate potential candidates for the offices of elder and deacon.
  • Collect the names of active partners in the church who express interest verbally or in   writing.
  • Determine what spiritual gifts, talents, and special needs will be needed on the upcoming Leadership Team.  The team’s goal is to present the best possible slate.
  • Determine the number of elder and deacon candidates, presenting one person per open position.
  • Present a single slate to the congregation three (3) weeks prior to the annual meeting.
  • Publish the names of those approved with the notice of meeting on two (2) Sundays prior to the congregational meeting.  
  • The ONE at-large member of the Nomination Team, by accepting this position, is removing him or herself  from the pool of eligible Leadership Team candidates. He or she may not be an eligible candidate on the ballet for which he or she is tasked with filling.  

Election Procedure

Using this single slate, the Crossroads Partners ages 18 and over will vote on the new Leadership Team members.  This is a majority ballot vote.  If the majority accepts this single slate, the names on the single slate will be accepted. If not, the whole list will go back to the nomination team for review and change, if needed.  Elder and Deacon positions will be assigned by the Leadership Team or congregation based upon maturity, giftedness, and experience. 

The term of office for elders will be three (3) years; and deacons will be five (5) years or the balance of any unexpired term to which they may have been elected or appointed.

Retiring elders will be eligible for re-election for three (3) consecutive terms ; and deacons will be eligible for re-election to the Leadership Team for two (2) consecutive terms.

After the third consecutive term is served, the retiring elder will be ineligible for re-election for two (2) years. 

After the second consecutive term is served, the retiring deacon will be ineligible for re-election for two (2) years.

In order to transition to the five (5) year term from the three (3) year term, the existing deacons will be given the opportunity to extend his or her term to a total of five (5) years.  If he or she declines this opportunity, the Nomination team will utilize the Nominations procedures listed above in order to fill the Leadership Team vacancies.  If the existing deacon declines the extension to the 5 year term, then the Nomination team will nominate a candidate to complete what would be the five year term which the deacon declined. 

Spouses will not serve concurrently on the Leadership Team.

Partners who are FULL TIME salaried employees of the church are not eligible for the Leadership Team.

The names of those elected as elders and deacons will be published on three (3) successive Sundays previous to their installation so that any lawful objections may be presented to Leadership Team.

In the event of vacancies in the offices of elder or deacon, the Leadership Team may appoint a replacement or wait for the replacement until the next annual congregational meeting.

Installation of new Leadership Team members will usually take place the second Sunday in January.