Terms and Conditions for Facilities Use


To ensure the preservation of Crossroads Church’s facilities and furniture, we have developed this Terms and Conditions document. These conditions are for the benefit and protection of both you and the church. Thank you for agreeing to follow these guidelines.

We recommend that you print this page and keep it with you as a reference during the time you use the facility.

Agreement to Hold Harmless

By clicking the “Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions” box on the Crossroads Church Request for Use of Facilities form, you hereby agree to the following:

  • You acknowledge that use of Crossroads Church facilities carries with it the potential for certain risks, some of which may not be reasonably foreseeable.

  • You acknowledge that these risks could cause you, or others around you, harm, including, but not limited to, bodily injury, damage to property, emotional distress, or death.

  • You further acknowledge that you are a willing participant in the use of Crossroads facilities.

  • You agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Crossroads Church, as well as all its employees, church partners (members), agents, representatives, successors, etc., from all losses, claims, theft, demands, liabilities, causes of action, or expenses, known or unknown, arising out of your use of Crossroads Church’s facilities.

Financial Consideration

Unless otherwise stated, Crossroads Church offers its facilities free of charge for use by the community. However, donations to help cover the cost of maintenance are greatly appreciated. Please make checks payable to Crossroads Church.

Church members are not required to pay a fee for usage, as maintenance costs in this case are derived from member tithes and offerings.

Restricted Facility Use Policy

Crossroads Church facilities are provided through God’s benevolence and by the sacrificial generosity of church members. The facilities are to be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ and to bring God glory. We make our facilities available to approved non-members as a witness to our faith, in a spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice.

However, facility use is not permitted:

  1. To persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with the church’s faith or moral teachings, which are summarized in, among other places, the church’s constitution and bylaws.

  2. For activities that contradict, or are deemed inconsistent with, the church’s faith or moral teachings.

This restricted facility use policy is necessary for two important reasons.

  1. The church may not in good conscience materially cooperate in activities or beliefs that are contrary to its faith. Allowing its facilities to be used for such purposes would be material cooperation with that activity, and would be a grave violation of the church’s faith and religious practice (1 Corinthians 6:14; 1 Thessalonians 5:22).

  2. It is very important that the church presents a consistent message to the community, and that the church staff and members conscientiously maintain that message as part of their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Allowing facilities to be used by groups or persons who express beliefs or engage in practices contrary to the church’s faith would have a severe, negative impact on the message the church strives to promote. It could also cause confusion and scandal to church members and the community because they may reasonably perceive that by allowing use of our facilities, the church agrees with the beliefs or practices of the persons or groups using its facilities.

This policy applies to all church facilities, regardless of whether the facilities are connected to the church’s sanctuary, because the church property in its entirety is holy and set apart to worship God (Colossians 3:17).

Groups or individuals requesting facility use must:

  1. Affirm that their beliefs and practices are consistent with the church’s faith and practice.

  2. Submit a signed “Church Facility Reservation Request and Agreement” form.

  3. Be willing to take responsibility for the facilities and equipment used and must agree to abide by the church’s rules of conduct for facility use, as stated above and as described in any additional instructions by church staff.

The Lead Pastor, or his/her official designee, is the final decision-maker concerning use of church facilities.

Church’s Right to Cancel

Crossroads Church reserves the right to cancel any scheduled use of its facility, at any time, for any reason. Normally, Crossroads will only cancel your use of the facility if absolutely necessary and with as much advance notice as possible.

Inclement Weather

There are times when inclement weather, especially in winter, will force us to cancel all activities. Because weather can change quickly, it can be confusing as to whether we’ll have activities here at Crossroads, so we’ve made it simple.

On Monday through Friday, if the Norwalk School District cancels classes, we will cancel all activities here at Crossroads.

The reasons for this revolve around liability. When it snows, it becomes necessary to clear the parking lot. It also makes financial sense for us to wait until the snowstorm is over. If a group were to conduct activities at the church without the parking lot and sidewalks being cleared, someone could be hurt. We simply can’t open the church to that sort of liability.

Again, if there’s no school, there are no activities at church. This includes any activities of outside organizations, such as scouts or basketball teams, as well as church organizations such as Kid City, Youth Group and Worship Team.

In addition, if two (2) inches or more of snow are on the parking lot, or if there is ice on the parking lot, we will cancel all activities here at Crossroads.

This policy does not apply to Sunday worship. In the event of inclement weather leading up to Sunday worship, we will make every effort to have the parking lot cleared so that worship may continue.

Entry to the Building

To access our facility after regular church hours, please use the special electronic key pad located on the building next to the WEST door. The code to the door will be shared with you upon approval of your reservation. THIS CODE IS NOT TO BE SHARED PUBLICLY. It is only for you. To use the electronic lock, input the code and press the pound (#) key. The door will unlock, then automatically relock after a short period. Once you are inside the facility, the lights in the lobby and hallways will turn on automatically.

After you are inside, please post someone at the front door of the church to let others in. Please DO NOT block the door open — this can lead to the building remaining open all night, which is a security risk we cannot take.


The nursery is not available to non-members of Crossroads Church. Members may use the nursery with the following conditions.

  1. Do not use any toys in tubs marked as sanitized for use by Crossroads Kids Preschool. These tubs are located along the west wall.

  2. Do not remove anything from the nursery.

  3. Please clean the nursery thoroughly after use.


It is very important that you leave the facility in the same or better condition than you found it. Therefore, we kindly ask you to clean up after yourself. Cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner can be found in the closet on the northwest corner of the building. Feel free to use the cleaning supplies you need. Please return unused cleaning supplies to the closet and shut the door.


Please ensure the front doors are locked when you leave by using the Allen wrench that hangs next to the left-hand door. Each door has a “crash bar” — insert the Allen wrench into the small hole in each crash bar and turn left. The crash bar will release, locking the door. Then replace the Allen wrench.


No baseballs, softballs, golf balls, or any other objects that could damage walls, electronic equipment, glass, or other breakable items are allowed.

Placing Chairs in the Gymnasium

If you use the gymnasium on Friday or Saturday, you may be required to set up the chairs for Sunday worship. This requirement, if applicable, will be made known to you at the time the church contacts you to confirm your request for use of the gym. Failure to set up the chairs when required may result in denial of requests for future use of the gym.

A chair chart is located on the south wall by the light switches. Please follow this chart when setting up the chairs.

Needed Repairs

Please notify us with anything you find that needs repair. Contact the church at (515) 287-8580 and leave a message.


The following furniture is available to borrow from Crossroads at no charge.

  1. 8-foot brown tables (8)

  2. 8-foot white tables (7)

  3. 4-foot white tables (6)

  4. Folding chairs (35)

Black chairs in the gymnasium are not to be taken out of the building. Cloth upholstered chairs must stay in the gymnasium at all times.

If You Have Questions

Please feel free to contact us at (515) 287-8580. We are happy to help.